Vi & Dakota | The Black Fox Farm, Pennington, NJ

girl with paint horse in grassy field

I think it’s kind of funny lately that the majority of my equestrian/horse & rider photo sessions have been ladies with their mares! And I won’t lie, I was very excited to take Vi and Dakota’s picture. Not only are they both gorgeous, but they have such a sweet, sincere relationship. Vi goes to school out of state, so the hours she gets to spend with Dakota are precious and few – she made the most of her summer by spending as much of it as possible with Dakota! Right before she left to go back to school, we did this darling photo shoot with the two of them – and I must say, while Vi was a lovely model, Dakota was by far the best horse model I’ve ever worked with. She is SO GOOD at standing! Which is surprising for such a forward, athletic horse – but honestly, she stood quietly for the duration of the shoot, mostly with her ears forward, giving me angles and nuzzling Vi. Perfection. These ladies made my job so easy!

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