Maya & Adam | The Black Fox Farm, Pennington, NJ

woman with chestnut horse in the snow

Most people, when faced with a weather that forecasts for snow, run and hide. And generally, I can be counted in that group of people! I’m from CA – I literally didn’t see falling snow until I was 26 YEARS OLD. I realize that’s not normal, but that’s the truth. And now that I’ve lived on the east coast for over 11 years, I’ve had my fill of snow. Like it’s so pretty and magical while it’s falling – IF you’re lucky enough to be indoors without any other commitments, and IF someone is going to be shoveling said snow for you. HOWEVER – when a gorgeous, light, fluffy snow falls on a weekend – and the following day is somewhat sunny and not horrifically cold – well then, that’s a different story. Because THAT means PHOTO SHOOT!

I was so lucky that Maya was game for a last minute photo shoot at The Black Fox Farm – and luckily Adam’s calendar was clear as well. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Adam is a 27 year old Arabian – a distinguished gentleman, if you will. Honestly, if he could use his words, I’m 99.9% sure that he’d have an English accent and say things like “blimey” and “pardon”. Maya and Adam have been a team for a year or so now – and they’ve conquered a 25 mile endurance race, multiple hunter paces, ridiculously challenging jumping and dressage lessons, mounted archery, and, most recently, their first jumper show together. They’re the sweetest pair – there’s so much trust and mutual respect there, and they genuinely enjoy each other and their time together. Adam is one of those horses that can patiently teach a first-time lesson student how to ride, but then turn around 5 minutes later and gallop through the woods with Maya – at 27 years old, this guy knows his stuff. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to make these photos with them – and I hope you enjoy them as well. Thank you Maya and Adam (and Adam’s owner, Anna!) for being perfect models this snowy afternoon – and best of luck to you in your future endeavors together!

Thank you to Maya, Adam, Sam, and Jenna for a lovely snowy afternoon at The Black Fox Farm!

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