Jinny & Carboni | Hunters Crossing Farm, Long Valley, NJ

girl petting horse in field at Hunters Crossing Farm

I swear we had like, one weekend of nice fall weather last year. It feels like we went directly from relentless heat and humidity right into a polar vortex. But then back into some wishy washy version of fall with roller coaster temperatures and rain! So much rain! When Jinny’s mom Susan booked Jinny’s portraits with her horse, Carboni at Hunters Crossing Farm, we were hoping for nice fall leaves. We knew we’d have to go with the flow since the season had been so rainy. What were the chances of getting nice weather AND peak leaves on the same day? And we did have to reschedule due to weather a few times – and then we got soooo lucky. We had the PERFECT weather for Jinny’s session! It was nice and cool, and thankfully the leaves held on for another day or two!

A lot of times during a shoot, regardless of how connected a rider is with her horse, the horse can act indifferent or aloof, or just want to go graze and has zero interest in standing for photos. Ask me how I know this. Ask me if my very own pegasus unicorn of a horse didn’t act EXACTLY LIKE THAT.

Thankfully Carboni is as in love with Jinny as she is with him – they’re basically smitten with each other. Every time she moved or turned, he turned to her. If she situated her body a certain way, he’d move to be next to her. It was pretty dang sweet. Add to this the fact that her mom Susan was the most amazing ear-getter-upper I’ve ever had – while I couldn’t see a lot of what she was doing behind me to get Carboni’s attention, Jinny was cracking up and smiling, so it killed two birds with one stone – happy rider, alert horse!

Congratulations on your college plans Jinny – I hope you have an amazing senior year with your best friend Carboni. You guys were amazing to work with and I’m so glad we had the chance to enjoy the one nice fall weekend day together.

Thank you so much to Susan, Jinny, Carboni, and all of my newfound friends at Hunters Crossing Farm!

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