Jenna & Gazoo | Redfield Training, NJ

Jenna smiling up at Gazoo on the driveway of Redfield Training

When Jenna first contacted me about a horse & rider portrait session with her and her horse, Gazoo, at the gorgeous Redfield Training, in Califon, NJ, she mentioned that she had just graduated from Berkeley! I went through the roof. Living out here in NJ I don’t meet many University of California alums, so YAY to blue and gold!!! In case I haven’t mentioned it (I totally have), I’m a University of California Santa Barbara alumni – GO GAUCHOS! “Olé.., Olé, Olé, Olé…. Gauchos, Gauchos!” In any case, can you even think of a better way to celebrate earning your undergraduate degree from Berkeley than with a sunset portrait session with your gorgeous gelding?! I’ll wait…….oh, that’s right, there ISN’T a better way.

When Jenna and I planned her session, we knew we needed to incorporate the gorgeous tree-lined driveway of Redfield Training. It’s an iconic feature of the farm that is absolute perfection for photo opportunities. It didn’t hurt that the sunset the evening of her shoot was spectacular. We basically had the entire farm to ourselves – it was the perfect evening for a pony cuddle fest/portrait session.

Gazoo kind of embodies his name – he’s sweet, in your pocket, a tiny bit goofy but in the most adorable, endearing way – in other words, a dream to work with. So of course his black background portrait session went beautifully – he was giving us full Blue Steel moments! But if I have to choose a favorite moment from the whole evening, I’d have to go with the last few minutes of the shoot. Jenna settled down cross-legged in the grass and invited Gazoo to come over and cuddle. He was so happy to just put his face down into Jenna’s lap and snuggle. The two of them together, with the sunset beyond, was just magic. Magic!

Jenna & Gazoo | Redfield Training, Califon, NJ

Thank you again to Jenna and her mom for a fun, beautiful evening at Redfield Training! Even if I did make you stand in some “questionable” grassy areas that may or may not have been downhill from other questionable areas! lol

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