Ardeon “Tiger” | Quiet Victory Farm, Titusville, NJ

Tiger at Quiet Victory Farm

I fell in love with Tiger at Quiet Victory Farm in Titusville, NJ a few years ago. This fancy hunter named Ardeon, barn name “Tiger”, has the most in-your-pocket, sweet, outgoing personality! He’s also incredibly talented (with an equally talented mom) – I frequently see updates from his barn on my Facebook feed congratulating him on his recent wins, most recently at The Horse Park of New Jersey. Go Tiger!

For whatever reason, in my head I always thought of the “ideal horse” as a bay with a blaze and lots of chrome. Of course I ended up with a flea bitten grey – not once, but twice. Ha! So you can imagine my heart skipped a beat when I saw Tiger. He is beyond gorgeous, with the most adorable personality to match.

As his mom walked him down the aisle to get ready for his portraits, he peeked into each stall along the way as if to say, “Oh, hello! Hi! It’s me, Tiger! How are you? Is that hay you’ve got there? I LOVE hay! You love hay, too? Oh, I gotta go – getting my pictures done!”

So then I got to thinking, what would YOUR horse say, in that situation? Imagine what they’d say as they walked down the aisle and looked into each horse’s stall. I cannot possibly be the only one that does voices for each horse in the barn. Right? It’s not just me? At my current barn we have a horse with a Staten Island accent who loves “cawfee” and “sawce” and also a warmblood with a German accent. Oh and of course an adorable Fell pony with a proper British accent who says “cheerio” a lot. Please someone tell me it’s not just me.

In any case Tiger is drop dead gorgeous, and his floofy mane combined with his personality and his overall beauty was just, like, over the top. Hands down one of my all-time favorite black background portrait sessions!

Quiet Victory Farm, Titusville, NJ

Ardeon “Tiger”

Thanks for having me Quiet Victory Farm and Tiger!

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