Horse Park of New Jersey | Maya & PacMan

eventing at Horse Park of New Jersey

Horse Park of New Jersey | Maya & PacMan

I have so much respect for eventers – I don’t know how they do it. Seriously. I remember the first time I saw an eventing xc course for the Jersey Fresh International Three Day Event at the Horse Park of New Jersey. It was just a few years ago (but seems like forever ago). My friends Maya and Molly and I were standing inside one of the xc jumps (it wasn’t being used that day). I’m in disbelief at how someone could jump this thing. It was absolutely enormous.

Flash forward 5 years and Maya was competing herself! I got to join in the fun while Maya and PacMan showed at the ESDCTA Horse Trials at Horse Park of New Jersey. Maya and PacMan, are a powerful duo – they were jumping these banks and coops like they were nothing. I max out around 2’3″, so I tried to live vicariously while I watched and photographed her xc course.

Horse Park of New Jersey | The Venue & History

The Horse Park of New Jersey is a sprawling park located in Allentown, NJ. It’s a huge venue that regularly hosts shows, three day eventing trials – anything and everything horse-related. I even showed at a hunter jumper show there myself once – back in the dark ages of 2013!

The Horse Park of New Jersey was established in 1988. It was conceived as a venue to promote the equestrian industry, host competitions, and provide a space for education and recreation. Its founders envisioned a place where horse lovers could gather, celebrate their passion, and participate in equestrian events of all kinds. You can find horsewomen and horsemen participating in every discipline here, from barrel racing and driving to dressage and show jumping.

The park boasts a range of world-class facilities, making it a premier destination for various equestrian events. While the Jersey Fresh International Three Day Event is no longer held at this venue, it was home to that event for almost 20 years. The expansive riding arenas and cross-country courses are carefully designed and maintained, making the Horse Park of New Jersey suitable to host such a wide variety of equine events. Additionally, the park offers riding lessons, clinics, and workshops for individuals of all skill levels. It’s it an inclusive space for both beginners and seasoned riders, which is always a nice feeling. When I showed there, it was in itty bitty jumpers – so needless to say they have classes for everyone!

Beyond the arenas and competition grounds, the Horse Park of New Jersey is surrounded by scenic trails that winds through lush wooded areas. These trails provide a serene environment for horseback riding, but offer plenty of natural xc jumps if you’re up for it!

The park’s commitment to preserving its natural surroundings is evident in its conservation efforts. With an emphasis on sustainability and environmental stewardship, the Horse Park of New Jersey is not only a hub for equestrian activities but also a sanctuary for local wildlife.

I highly recommend attending an event if here you have the opportunity. You can check out the park’s calendar and see what’s going on – there’s something for everyone!

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