Carovillano-Wall Family | Christie Hoffman Farm Park, Tewksbury, NJ

girl walking horse in the sun with husband and dog

This was hands-down one of the most fun shoots I’ve ever done (not counting any sessions with my bestie Jenna, because who doesn’t love a photo shoot with their best friend and muse?!). Jessica and Chris wanted some natural, relaxed family portraits of them with their horse, Liam and dog, Diesel. Jessica mentioned that she wasn’t super pleased with her wedding photos, so she wanted to make up for that by having portraits done with her husband and four-legged children. She chose an absolutely gorgeous location in Tewksbury, NJ – Christie Hoffman Farm Park – for the session. I had never been to the park before, and by the time I’d parked my car and picked up my camera, I was almost jumping up and down with anticipation – this park is amazing. The perfect background for family equine portraits! Also the perfect location for a hunter pace-esque trail ride, as I ended up coming back here and going for a ride! But that’s a story for another day!

Imagine a creek surrounded by trees with sunlight peeking through, huge, open fields with a treeline in the distance and the sun setting over the horizon, logs and trees artfully place throughout the landscape – yeah, kind of the most perfect setting ever.

Jessica was a bit concerned that Liam can be a bit hot, but to use her words, “He was a star!” Her cute little dog Diesel kind of stole the show, though, in my humble opinion. He’s too cute for words and had the sweetest personality to match.

Even though the evening started off hot and sticky, by the time the sun went down and the park cooled off, everyone was relaxed and having a great time. We got some beautiful shots of the whole family, and I’m so excited to share this little sneak peek of our shoot with everyone. Best of luck to Liam and Jessica at their show this week – you guys are awesome!

girl looking up at chestnut horse beside creek at Christie Hoffman Farm Park
woman and man hugging near horse
woman and man with jack russell terrier and chestnut thoroughbred horse at Christie Hoffman Farm Park
close up of woman's hand with red nail polish and diamond ring petting her horse's nose
woman sitting on platform with man and their dog
married couple at Christie Hoffman Farm Park at sunset with their dog and horse
Christie Hoffman Farm Park at sunset, husband and wife walking with dog and horse
cute Jack Russell terrier
married couple walking with their dog and horse at Christie Hoffman Farm Park
woman sitting on log with chestnut horse
woman kneeling behind log with chestnut horse
woman and man smiling in front of horse
couple at sunset with their dog and horse in the park

Thanks again to Jessica, Chris, Liam, and Diesel for a lovely evening at Christie Hoffman Farm Park!

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