Jenna & Paddy | Green Apple Stables, Hillsborough, NJ

girl with bay horse in the sun

While Jenna’s face may look familiar (I did a shoot with her and Kodak last summer), Paddy’s is new! Paddy is an off the track thoroughbred who was lucky enough to end up at Green Apple Stables this past year. When he’s not being ridden and pampered by Jenna, he spends time on trails, jumping, and hanging out with his friends in his paddock, chowing down on grass and flowers. Quite the life of leisure. Jenna and Paddy have forged a great partnership over the summer and she asked me to take some pictures of the two of them together. I was happy to do it – it’s not often you get such beautiful/handsome models to work with! So enjoy this little peek into the shoot with Jenna and Paddy.

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