Chesterfield Farm | Morgyn & Niro

Morgyn with Niro near the woods of Chesterfield Farm

Sometimes I get a client that just makes my job SO EASY – Morgyn is one of those clients. Besides the fact that both she and her horse Niro are gorgeous, they were just both so easy going! Niro is boarded at the beautiful Chesterfield Farm with endless options for photos. Thankfully we had Morgyn’s best friend Molly with us for the evening to help with the shoot. Since Molly has had her portraits done with me twice already (one of them being her senior portraits), she was such an incredibly huge help and made the session that much more fun.

I always encourage my clients to bring a friend, family member, or partner to their photo shoot. It’s so much more fun to have a familiar face with you that can help you relax and take care of some prep for your session. It’s also a huge help to me as they can help us get ears up and forward!

Morgyn and Niro compete at the prelim level in eventing, so our shoot was a rare evening off from training where they could both relax. Morgyn bought Niro as a relatively green horse, and to see how far they’ve come in the short time they’ve been together is astonishing. Now I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again – it always astonishes me how bomb proof eventers and their horses are. I’ve seen some clips of Morgyn competing in cross country and WOWZA. You really do have to be fearless to be an eventer! I have so much respect for Morgyn and Niro, they’re such an incredible team! The trust between the two of them is just beautiful. Ollie and I need to take notes – I keep telling him the water stain on the indoor wall is NOT scary, but he refuses to believe me.

Chesterfield Farm, Chesterfield, New Jersey

Now Chesterfield Farm is gorgeous in and of itself. It’s a 76 acre farm located in Chesterfield, NJ, and offers full board as well as lessons and training. The trainer, Elizabeth Bierman, is a three day event rider and competes at the advanced level. The facility is lovely, with a full-sized indoor ring, outdoor ring, and even a cross country course. I’ve been lucky enough to go for a trail ride on this property and had an absolute blast cantering through the woods. If you’re looking for a full-service boarding and training facility in central New Jersey, you should check them out!

Chesterfield Farm also offer a week-long summer camp for riders of all levels. This is incredibly cool as the campers not only get to ride, but also learn about horses and their care. They touch on anatomy, management, tack, and even get to observe some veterinary care. It’s a lot more comprehensive than just kids on ponies!

I’m so excited to see what these two do next. They’re off to school at Randolph Macon College in the fall so expect big things from this pair! Good luck to Morgyn and Niro in your future endeavors!

Morgyn & Niro | Chesterfield Farm, Chesterfield, NJ

Thanks again to Morgyn and Molly for a lovely evening at Chesterfield Farm! Best of luck to both of you at college next year! I can’t wait to see what the universe has in store for both of you. Sky’s the limit! Especially if you’re a fearless eventer.

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