Stacey & Trouble | Footlight Farm, Roosevelt, NJ

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When Stacey first told me her horse’s name was Trouble, the next thing she said was “but he’s not!” Far from being any trouble, he was one of the kindest, calmest, most gentlemanly horses I’ve ever worked with. He was definitely far more interested in noshing on the grass around us than anything else, and who can blame him, when this spring started off so drearily?! I was excited to see ANYTHING green, and so was he! So we let him have a few graze breaks and he was a happy guy. Thankfully the grass is coming in nicely at Footlight Farm in Roosevelt, NJ, where Trouble is boarded. Which just so happens to be super close to The Horse Park of New Jersey!

Stacey bought Trouble as a very young horse and they’ve been together over 10 years. It’s beautiful to see the love and ease between these two. When Stacey knelt down to give Trouble a kiss in the field, she was blowing lightly on his nose and he was staring down at her. It was a sweet moment that I was excited to capture. We even had a few “helpers” during our shoot! There were two other horses in that field that were kind enough to offer their services as photobombers, but we managed to convince them that the grass was a more compelling subject than Stacey and Trouble. But we had fun despite the chilly cloudy day – and captured some great moments between Stacey and Trouble.

A big thank you to both of you as well as Frank for the great evening at Footlight Farm!

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