Great Scott Farm, Malvern, PA | Caitlin, John, & Noelle

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Caitlin, John & Noelle | Great Scott Farm

This shoot with Caitlin, John and Noelle at Great Scott Farm was BY FAR the most humid, hot, sticky, uncomfortable evening we’d had yet this season.

So I’m not from a naturally humid place – southern California doesn’t rank  high on the humidity scale. I never really had an issue with humidity. I’ve been to Hawaii and Florida and a few other humid spots for vacations, and I was always able to go with the flow. But then I moved to the east coast. Being faced with multiple MONTHS of heat and oppressive humidity, my feelings about it changed. It feels like walking through soup. Like you take a shower, dress, go outside, and then wonder why you even bothered. You do your hair for a special event and literally watch in real time as it simultaneously goes totally limp and frizzes up the second you step outside.

Caitlin boards her horse Noelle at the gorgeous Great Scott Farm in Malvern, PA, and we chose one of the lush paddocks to shoot in for the evening. As is usually the case when there are horses loose in the same paddock as us, we had a few “helpers” come over and “assist” during the shoot!

Caitlin and I discussed rescheduling, but busy schedules and timelines (weddings!) wouldn’t really allow for it. So we decided to throw caution to the wind (or lack thereof) and go for it. I came prepared – battery powered fan (I freaking love this fan), cooler of ice cold drinks, and clean towels. Now at a shoot I don’t mind being a bit uncomfortable. After all, I’m not getting my picture taken! But I always want my clients and their horses to be as cool and comfortable as possible. ‘m still not sure how they managed to do it, but Caitlin and John look fresh as daisies in these images. We did stop now and then for what I called “a fan moment” so everyone could cool off, but these two (and Noelle) braved the heat and humidity and somehow managed to stay gorgeous.

Whatever magic potion or spell Caitlin uses to keep her hair looking this way in 100 degree heat and 75% humidity remains a mystery to me. But despite it all, we actually had fun! I’m so excited for this lovely couple as they plan their lives together. And I would be remiss to not mention Noelle. In true fairytale Disney horse fashion, she lays down on the ground for Caitlin on command. Definitely one of the coolest moments I’ve had as a photographer! Watching this mare sink to her knees and gracefully sink down to the ground – so very cool. I think it’s time Ollie learns some new tricks!

Caitlin, John & Noelle | Great Scott Farm, Malvern, PA

Thank you so much to Caitlin and John (and Noelle!) for the lovely, albeit hot and sticky evening at Great Scott Farm. I hope your wedding is magical! I wish you two (three!) the best, I hope this is the beginning of a happy and healthy life together.

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