Jen & Luna | Sommerfield Stables, Richboro, PA

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So first of all CONGRATULATIONS to Jen on her college graduation!! When Jen contacted me about senior photos with her chestnut mare, Luna, I was stoked – I love senior portraits. When I went to meet her and Luna at Sommerfield Stables I got even more excited because TWO REDHEADS! My second time with a red-headed pair!

When I first met Luna she was recovering from an injury, and Jen was slowly bringing her back after some time off. Luckily, by the time our photo shoot rolled around, Luna had improved and Jen was even able to ride her a bit – I guess it was Luna’s graduation gift to Jen! These two lovely ladies were so much fun to work with, and so natural in front of the camera.

I have to say Jen was one of the most relaxed, comfortable, natural people I have ever taken pictures of. There’s a saying in photography when it comes to posing: “If it bends, bend it”. Imagine standing in front of a mirror, head on, shoulders and hips squared towards the mirror, arms hanging down at your sides. Not a flattering position for anyone. Now turn your body about 3/4 away from the mirror, bend a leg and pop a hip out, and then put a hand on one hip. ANGLES! You know how celebrities are always crossing their legs at the ankle, hands on hips, or popping a hip and bending one leg slightly in front of the other? Take notes – because they’ve practiced.

It can be so so difficult to relax in front of the camera, especially for those of us who are used to being BEHIND the camera as opposed to in front of it! But next time someone whips out a camera and ask you to pose, give it a try – bend it all! Even tilt your head! Take some cues from Jen – she knows what she’s doing. A huge thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Berman for the Gatorade and water, and of course thank you again to Jen for making these portraits with me. Best of luck to you and Luna!

Jen & Luna | Sommerfield Stables, Richboro, PA

Thanks again to Sommerfield Stables for having me!

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