Angela & Dakota | The Black Fox Farm, Hopewell, NJ

girl in blue dress kissing paint horse

If you look closely at my work, there’s a theme that runs throughout – green. Lush green trees, grass, bushes, meadows – green, green, green. I LOVE THE GREENERY! I’m busiest in late spring and all summer for this reason – I just cannot get enough of that gorgeous summer greenery and the beautiful, warm light. Angela was gifted this session as a 17th birthday present, and we waited until summer was in full swing to do her portrait session with her and Dakota. And it was well worth the wait – we were rewarded with a lovely evening and a gorgeous golden hour. Icing on the cake – Angela’s gorgeous, full, curly red hair. I mean, setting sun behind green trees and backlight through her red hair – does it get any better?! I’ve had quite a few redheaded clients this year and I always get so excited to photograph them with that beautiful sunlight framing their hair from behind. Angela and Dakota are a well-matched pair – it was really sweet to see the two of them together during their session. Dakota is usually very stoic, but she was feeling gooooood that evening and made sure that Angela and I worked for every photo!  Thank you to these lovely ladies for a fun evening and best of luck in all your future endeavors together!

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