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Every photographer has their muse – whether it’s their child, spouse, or pet – there’s always that certain someone who inspires them and their work. Jenna is my muse – you may see her face in a few places on my site! She’s one of my very best friends – it’s an added bonus that she’s beautiful and kind and photographs really well! Since she helps train horses and rides sale horses, she never gets to spend too long with any one horse – each one is special to her in his or her own way, but some stand out more than others. This one – this little grey pony rescued from a feedlot – this guy is the one. He’s got a real rags to riches story – when Jenna went with her trainer to an auction to pick up an Arabian gelding, she wandered into the feedlot pen (in other words, there’s a possibility they will be sold and sent to slaughter) and saw this grey pony. She did the classic “Can we keep him oh please can we have him?!” and it worked and he found himself on a trailer riding back to our farm. Over a year later and this guy went from barely broke to competing in hunters, jumpers, and eventing – and actually winning. He’s ridden in beginner lessons by children and on trail rides and at the beach – he goes cross country schooling and jumps higher than the horses. We joke that he’s the horse version of Jenna – can’t sit still, loves to be cuddled, and needs lots of attention – in other words, the two of them are the perfect match. She’s said to me “He’s it – he’s the one” and if you see them together you’d understand. He’s her heart horse. They say one person’s trash is another person’s treasure – Jenna found her treasure. He got his official show name this past year – Second Chance. How fitting is that?!

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