Jessica Sanders Photography is looking for equestrian models to pose with their horses, as well as some specific breeds of horses to photograph on their own.

How it works:

  • Models will receive a 30-45 minute horse & rider portrait session where their horse is stabled, as well as 3 complimentary high-resolution digital images. Additional full-sized and social media-sized digital images from your gallery are available to purchase if desired, at a discounted rate, as well as albums, prints, and wall art.*  


  • Horse is boarded within 45 minutes of zip code 08534
  • Permission to be photographed at the property where your horse is stabled.
  • Have horse clean and neatly groomed for your photo shoot.
  • Cooperate with photographer to choose clothing and tack for your photo shoot – specific styles of clothing/outfits/tack may be required.
  • Have at least one active social media account where you can post and share images from your session.

Spaces are very limited. While not all applicants will be selected as models for this call, every applicant will be given 20% off any future portrait session scheduled by August 1, 2019, as a thank you for applying. Selected models will be notified via email by Jessica, and a timely response within 24 hours is required by all participants to secure your session. Please fill out the form below to apply. 

I am especially interested in the following horses/breeds/riders – if you meet any/all of these criteria, please make note of that in your entry form, or email me more details. 

  • leopard appaloosa
  • Friesian
  • Shetland pony
  • Akhal-Teke
  • western pleasure riders
  • Arabians

*No additional purchase required. 

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