Zoë & Mia | The Black Fox Farm, Flemington, NJ

girl in burgundy dress with horse in sunny field at The Black Fox Farm

So I wrote this blog post a while ago, right after our portrait session. Sadly, I have to write a little addendum now. I received some incredibly sad news on the morning of July 29th. Mia became suddenly, gravely ill that morning and sadly, nothing could be done to help her. Unfortunately, she passed away that same day.

To say it was a shock to her family would be an understatement. Mia was a hardy, healthy, athletic horse and lived at the beautiful Black Fox Farm facility that provides top-notch care. But, unfortunately, as all of us know, oftentimes that makes no difference with horses. Horses are a beautiful paradox – huge, powerful, athletic animals that are also incredibly fragile and sensitive. It’s a sad but powerful reminder that our time with our horses is finite. We need to make the most of every moment we have with them. Regardless of your victories or defeats in the ring, no matter how many times you try and fail, thank your horse. Be grateful for the partnership you two have forged and for every second you spend together. Things can change in an instant – so make the most of the time you do have with your horse.

My love and condolences to Mia’s loving family and those that loved her. I am so incredibly sorry for your loss.

As I edited these images of Zoë and Mia, I couldn’t help but notice how Zoë looks at Mia. Like, really, really looks at her – adoringly. I was prepared for a possibly “exciting” evening at The Black Fox Farm. It was buggy – like super buggy. You couldn’t go more than a few seconds without swatting something away or spitting out a bug that had inadvertently flown into your mouth. Gross. We’re talking Pig Pen style clouds of flies! But Mia was so relaxed with Zoë – astonishingly so.

The two found each other last year when Mia was purchased by Zoë’s trainer. It was pretty much love at first sight. They’re a dynamic duo – the two have done hunter paces, cross country schooling, hunter jumper courses, trail rides, beach rides – you name it, these two are up for it.

The two of them are just so sweet together – I didn’t really notice until I was editing just how beautiful they are together, how in sync and how much they trust each other. You can’t fake that – the way they look at each other is just really, really special – and I was lucky enough to be there to make these beautiful portraits with them. And sometimes even though the temp is 90 degrees with 80% humidity and your hair is stuck to your face and you inhale a fly and step in a puddle – sometimes the light is juuuuust right and the moment is just pure magic.

Zoë & Mia | The Black Fox Farm, Flemington, NJ

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