Taylor & Clarissa | Magnolia Creek Stables, Pittstown, NJ

girl in pink skirt on horse in riding ring at Magnolia Creek Stables

Have you ever experience love at first sight? Every now and then you hear about it, about someone who fell in love with another being (be it person, horse, dog, etc.) at first sight. They just knew in that first meeting that it was love. That’s how Taylor describes her relationship with Clarissa – she just knows they are meant to be. I photographed them together at Magnolia Creek Stables in Pittstown, NJ. They have the most beautiful story – I’ll let Taylor tell it in her own words.

Taylor & Clarissa at Magnolia Creek Stables | Their Story

“I found Clarissa through Petfinder.com with absolutely no intentions of actually owning a horse. That directed me to LCR’s [Last Chance Ranch’s] website. Last Chance Ranch rehabilitated Clarissa for several months along with the use of an Anderson sling. I was able to schedule an appointment to see Clarissa after I had completed online paperwork and all of my references had been checked out. It is an extremely thorough process that I greatly appreciate to assure that their animals are properly placed in the best of homes.

I saw Clarissa for the first time on July 8th [2018], which is also my birthday. As soon as I saw her, I knew that she was coming home with me. She was like nothing I have ever rode before, which still applies to this day. So a week later I picked her up on July 15th and she has been a dream come true. It’s the connection of a lifetime that I never knew existed until her.”

Clarissa’s show name is “Against All Odds” – which I think is beautifully, perfectly fitting. When you think about it, the odds of these two finding each other, this perfect match – it really is against all odds. But they’re living proof that you can beat the odds!

Needless to say, it was an absolute honor to be able to make these portraits with Taylor and Clarissa. There was a lot of commotion at Magnolia Creek Stables that day. Multiple lawnmowers were driving around, people were wielding hedge trimmers and blowers; there were paddocks full of baby horses galloping and bucking and whinnying. But Taylor guided Clarissa calmly through the entire session. Scroll down through the highlights to see Taylor’s tattoo of Clarissa on her left leg! Now that, my friends, is commitment! Thank you again, Taylor, for sharing your story with us.

Thanks again to Taylor, Clarissa, and Magnolia Creek Farm for having me!

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