Emma & Her Horses | BDR Legacy Farm, Lambertville, NJ

girl in riding clothes with two horses

If nothing else, the stay-at-home mandate is forcing me to catch up with blogging! The procrastination is real – this session is from last summer. But maybe it’s apt, since we all could use some bright, sunny, warm images at the moment to create some balance in our lives, which have all been turned upside down. Speaking of which, I hope everyone is hanging in there, this is certainly not how I’d envisioned my spring going!

But back to Emma – major girl power. That’s how I’d describe this session with Emma and her horses Flicka, Lilly, and Blaze. Flicka and Lilly are incredibly talented, athletic mares, and Emma is a such a beautiful, strong rider – it’s just so much YAS in one photo! We had a blast at Emma’s session, and we were lucky enough to catch a gorgeous sunset that evening in the huge field across from the farm. She had the most epic helper entourage, too – her mom, little sister, and boyfriend joined us for the session and made it even more fun. I can’t wait for warm evenings and sunshine and nice weather – for now this’ll have to do!

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