Callie & Beau | Golden Gait Farm, Millstone, NJ

girl in gray shirt with horse between fences at Golden Gait Farm

I’ll say it again – eventing horses are like, basically bomb proof. Perhaps not surprisingly, their human partners, the eventers, are pretty much bomb proof as well! Callie and Beau were dreamy to work with at the beautiful Golden Gait Farm. Let’s just say this horse respects his mama! He made it exceedingly easy for me to do my job this beautiful evening.

Callie had mentioned that their farm was full of buttercups, and when I arrived at their property I was SO EXCITED to see them in full bloom. While the farm is gorgeous in and of itself, the buttercups were just spectacular. We had a blast running around the farm during our session. Beau only protested once, and who can blame him? When he saw his paddock mates being turned out without him, he was like “HEY WAIT!!” But he recovered and we were able to continue our session until the sun went down.

Callie rides with Wendy Lewis of Wendy Lewis Eventing, and spends part of her year in Florida with her trainer. But when she’s in NJ, she’s riding many horses a day, helping to run the farm, and helping with the training. I was glad so she was able to carve out an evening on a nice day for us to spend together to make these pictures.

I’m so excited to see where Callie goes from here, did I mention she’s fearless?!

Thank you Callie and Beau for a lovely evening at Golden Gait Farm!

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