Hhemlock | Red Tail Farm, Bedminster, NJ

dapple bay mare on black background at Red Tail Farm

Dapples for dayyyyyys – how gorgeous is Hhemlock? She literally GLOWED. I always love working with dressage horses because they’re so easy to square up for their portrait session! Also the bling – gotta love the bling. So needless to say I was stoked to work with Hhemlock and check out gorgeous Red Tail Farm.

Hhemlock’s mom Jennifer purchased this session at Mane Stream’s Boots on the Boardwalk auction. The auction purchases support and benefit Mane Stream and their programs, so I was extra excited to meet Jennifer & Hhemlock at Red Tail Farm! It’s always wonderful to meet others who support my favorite non-profit organization!

While I’m here, a bit more about Mane Stream’s amazing programs. They offer adaptive riding as well as therapy services, but they also have an amazing program called Horses for Healing. Horses for Healing is a free program for those living with, recovering from, and living life after cancer. It helps people to rebuild their physical, emotional, and mental well-being, which in turn offers the potential to better recover their health and remain healthy. Some of you may know that I went through cancer treatment in 2009. I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia and had a bone marrow transplant as part of my treatment (more interesting tidbits on yours truly here). Being around and riding horses was a huge part of my recovery, and I think it’s beyond wonderful that Mane Stream is offering this program free of charge to anyone who has been personally impacted by cancer.

But back to Red Tail Farm! It is honestly one of the most beautiful facilities I’ve ever visited. If you’re not lucky enough to board there, you can still attend one of their horse shows. Check out their calendar!

Hhemlock was a pleasure to work with and I’m keeping my fingers and hooves crossed that I’ll be back at Red Tail Farm sooner rather than later!

Hhemlock | Red Tail Farm, Bedminster, NJ

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