Lotus & Her Ponies | BDR Legacy Farm, Lambertville, NJ

little girl in shadbelly with pony

Cute rider? Check.

Cute shadbelly for cute rider? Check.

Cute PONIES for cute rider? CHECK!!

Get ready for major pony faces. Since I’m a horrible procrastinator and these portraits were taken in summer 2019, not all of these ponies are still being ridden by Lotus, but last summer they were! And they were cute!

We decided to work with Lucky Charm first, since Lotus had a feeling he wasn’t going to be super cooperative in the “put your ears forward” department. While he was a good boy and stood quietly for the duration of his session, getting him to put his ears up and forward proved to be a challenge, and I’m not going to lie, watching Lotus’s helper entourage (her mom, sister, and sister’s boyfriend) attempt to get Lucky’s attention was AH-MAY-ZING. One with a pompom, one with a speaker full of whinnies, another trotting a horse by to get his attention – there was dancing and jumping and singing and all sorts of amazing mayhem to capture Lucky’s attention. But he couldn’t have cared less – cool as a cucumber. Eventually we did get one or two nanoseconds of his ears forward, and it’s a good thing, too, because he’s so freaking cute and it makes him even cuter.

Jeffrey and Frogman proved to be a bit easier to distract, and both over-delivered in the cute department as well. Don’t let any of the cuteness fool you – Lotus is a fierce rider. Incredibly committed, disciplined, and motivated, she’s an incredible rider and showed these ponies all over the country, from Kentucky to Ohio and in between.

I just love ponies (as if that wasn’t obvious already!), and having a triple whammy of cute ponies at one session was so much fun.

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