A Big Change: Inclusive Sessions!

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When I return home from your portrait session, I CANNOT WAIT to slide that memory card into my card reader and see all of the images. I CANNOT WAIT to upload your images, sort through them, and relive the shoot. And once I’ve culled the images (you know – gotten rid of the one where your horse sneezed, or where you were actively swatting a horse fly) and I begin the editing process, I see the entire shoot laid out in front of me. The whole story, from start to finish – and it’s really cool. Each frame is a moment, whether touching or funny or just plain beautiful, but it’s all of those frames together that make up the whole story. And honestly, I think you deserve to have the whole story. I don’t think you should have to pick and choose one image over another, feeling pressure to choose which images to print, which to include in an album, which to purchase as digitals – I think you deserve all of those images, the whole story from start to finish.

With this in mind, I’ve decided to make a huge change to my portrait collections – every collection now includes all of the retouched high-res, full-sized digital images from your session – no more picking and choosing. Previously, my smallest collections included only the small social-media sized digital images from your session – great for online sharing and social media – but full-sized digital images were purchased individually or as an upgraded full gallery. Well now you get the whole enchilada, no more picking or choosing which images to purchase or contemplating an upgrade.

Now your images will be delivered in a password-protected online gallery accessible from your computer, tablet, and phone, where they can be downloaded and shared immediately, as well as a USB with all of the full-sized images for safe-keeping.

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I still wholeheartedly believe that the best way to enjoy your portraits is by printing them – and that’s why all of my horse & rider collections also include prints and/or a print credit. It’s the best of both worlds, really – you get to enjoy your portraits on a daily basis every time you look at that framed print of you and your horse on your desk at work, or when you walk down your hallway and see you and your horse cuddling in front of the setting sun on that giant canvas gallery wrap hanging on the wall. And come holiday time, guess what? You have those high-res, full-sized digital images, so you can go ahead and print holiday cards at a moment’s notice. And you always have the security of knowing that all of your images are safely tucked away in your desk drawer in case you should need them or want to view them again.

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I was lucky enough to have portraits of Ollie and I done last summer, and if I’d been forced to choose 2 or 3 images from that session to print or purchase and walk away from the rest, I would have been devastated. Of course I have some favorites, and some images blew me away, but seeing all of them together, the silly moments, the posed moments, the galloping-through-an-open-field moments – it tells the story of Ollie and I in the most beautiful way. I was so grateful that I was able to invest in a package that included all of my gorgeous images as high-res digitals, and along with the huge framed prints all over my home and the leather album on my coffee table, I have the additional security of knowing that I still have access to all of my images on a USB.

When you see your portraits for the first time, I want you to feel the same way I do when I first see your story laid out in front of me – excited, happy, and emotional. And now that all of those images are yours to keep, you can feel that way any time you like, whenever you revisit the story of you and your heart horse.

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