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When I return home from your portrait session, I CANNOT WAIT to slide that memory card into my card reader and see all of the images. I CANNOT WAIT to upload your images, sort through them, and relive the shoot. And once I’ve culled the images (you know – gotten rid of the one where […]

A Big Change: Inclusive Sessions!

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Precautions to Keep You Safe When NJ Governor Murphy announced that many recreational facilities, including horseback riding facilities, have reopened (with restrictions) as of Friday, May 22nd, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one that jumped for joy! I know that many of us, myself included, are breathing a huge sigh of relief to […]

Keeping Everyone Safe – The New Normal

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So the other day, Facebook freaked out and user were unable to view photos/images while using Facebook. Subsequently people freaked out over Facebook freaking out, and then everyone was just panicked, and that’s never a good time. Because think about it – what if Facebook and Instagram freaked out – permanently – and you lost […]

But why do I need to print my portraits? This is why.

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Bug and his mom Kerstin win the award for “shiniest and most well-prepared for their black background portrait session”. Bug was SPOTLESS. This guy is hysterical – he has such a huge personality and is so dang sweet – it was so much fun making these portraits with him. So while we’re on the topic […]

Bug’s Portraits | Southampton, NJ and Session Prep Tips

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