Flicka, Lilly, & Cali in Lambertville, NJ

three mares side by side on black background

Brace yourself for some major girl power. No, like, literally – these 3 mares are incredibly powerful and it’s an added bonus that they’re all drop dead gorgeous! From left to right – Lilly, Cali, and Flicka. Lilly and Flicka were home bred at BDR Legacy Farm in Lambertville, NJ (Lilly is Cali’s baby), but all three have been shown all over the country and continue to be competitive in the show ring. Lilly and Flicka also appeared in Emma’s horse & rider portrait session, so if they look familiar that’s why!

three mares on black background

From top to bottom:

Grande Flicka “Flicka” – Languster x Grand Idea

Las Vegas Lilly “Lilly” – Languster X Caliente ISF

Caliente ISF

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