Emma, Brightness & Zeus | Bergen Equestrian Center, NJ

Emma with Brightness & Zeus at Bergen Equestrian Center

If you ever have to sit in the back seat of my car during the holidays, I will apologize in advance. You will be covered in glitter by the time you exit my vehicle! But look at the payoff! How cute is Emma with her pony Zeus and her mom’s mare, Brightness, in their festive holiday garlands?! SO CUTE. I had so much fun working with Emma and her mom at the expansive Bergen Equestrian Center.

Emma’s mom contacted me about holiday portraits of Emma with Emma’s pony, Zeus, and her mare, Brightness. She’d mentioned that she had a cute outfit picked out for Emma, and wanted some holiday garlands for the horses. Thankfully, I have a huge selection of holiday garlands that I made for the Mane Stream holiday fundraiser in 2020!

Imagine how excited I was to arrive and find the best dressed little equestrian I’ve ever seen and two spotlessly groomed horses! Emma was such a good sport, as it was cold and we went through numerous “costume” changes with both horses. The finished portraits were so sweet. There’s nothing more adorable than a little girl with her beloved ponies.

This is totally worth subjecting any potential passengers in my car to a bit of a glitter bomb. Think of it as free holiday cheer.

Emma, Brightness & Zeus | Bergen Equestrian Center, Leonia, NJ

Thank you so much to Janine, Emma, and Bergen Equestrian Center for having me!

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