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Carly hugging Gold at Hidden Spring Lavender Farm
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Carly and Gold are the next pair in The Senior Horse Project. In the 13 years she’s owned him, Carly and Gold have been through so much together. They’re a great example of how we as riders learn to adapt to the needs and abilities of our horses. At the time of their photo shoot […]

Carly & Gold | Hidden Spring Lavender Farm | The Senior Horse Project

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girl with paint horse in grassy field
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I think it’s kind of funny lately that the majority of my equestrian/horse & rider photo sessions have been ladies with their mares! And I won’t lie, I was very excited to take Vi and Dakota’s picture. Not only are they both gorgeous, but they have such a sweet, sincere relationship. Vi goes to school […]

Vi & Dakota | The Black Fox Farm, Pennington, NJ

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