Hidden Farm Hunters Holiday Portraits | Hans, Raisin & Liam

Liam at Hidden Farm Hunters

In 2020 I set up a holiday fundraiser to benefit Mane Stream. These limited edition sessions with a holiday twist were so much fun! I packed up my holiday garlands (full of glitter, per the usual) and started hopping around farms all over NJ and PA. Hidden Farm Hunters in beautiful West Chester, PA was one of the farms that participated in the fundraiser. Thanks in part to them, I was able to raise $1,000 to donate to Mane Stream! I believe it’s important to give back to organizations that align with my values; this was a great way to raise funds for Mane Stream.

I’m thinking I need to do a repeat of these limited edition sessions for 2022. While I do have a wide variety of garlands, the one you see in these portraits is by FAR the most popular. It’s also the only one I’ve personally made by hand! I guess that’s an indication that I should be making more glittery holiday garlands. The only drawback being – glitter. Once it’s introduced into your living space, it’s there to stay. Seriously – have you ever attempted to fully rid a room or house of glitter once it’s infiltrated your living space? Good luck. Even my cats end up glittery.

Back when I was working in theatre, I had a project that involved yards and yards of glitter tulle. I believe I was making tutus! But between the cutting, gathering, and sewing, the glitter managed to work its way into every nook and cranny of our apartment. Gus may or may not have gone to work with a faint dusting of glitter on his shoes. It’s the new look for physicists – glitter chic!

This year I plan to spread the glitter far and wide again, so keep an eye out in fall for another limited edition session announcement!

Hans, Raisin & Liam | Hidden Farm Hunters, West Chester, PA

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