Pac Man & Zingaro | Timberlane Horse Center, Titusville, NJ

Zingaro the chestnut horse

If PacMan looks familiar to you, it’s because he’s been featured on the blog before! He’s the gorgeous bay in the portraits of Maya Nakano, who had a feature in The Equestrians of Color Project AND The Plaid Horse! So, yeah – I guess that kinda makes him famous. Hopefully he won’t let it go to his head. PacMan and his brother Zingaro spend their time in the gorgeous verdant paddocks of Timberlane Horse Center in Titusville, NJ. So when they’re not posing, they’re doing horse type things; although no matter what Zingaro says, PacMan is definitely the one in charge!

PacMan is Maya’s lease horse, and both he and his brother Zingaro belong to Ryan, who is currently away at school. While PacMan and Maya spend their time eventing, Zingaro is retired and spends his time doing…whatever he feels like. Literally.

During the horse & rider portion of PacMan and Maya’s shoot, we were out in PacMan’s paddock. Zingaro and the other horse in their turnout with were way in the back of the field, paying us no attention, so all was calm. Until Zingaro decided that something was very exciting and required him to gallop across the field, directly into the path of PacMan and Maya as they were posing. Thankfully, PacMan barely batted an eyelash, so all remained calm, but not for lack of Zingaro trying! It was one of those moments that unfolded in slow motion – our assistant for the shoot Jenna (who is my bestie, and you can check her out all over the website!) yelled out “THEY’RE COMING!” and Maya and I braced ourselves but PacMan was completely unruffled. Thank goodness for bomb proof horses! lol

It’s always a pleasure to photograph well-behaved, easy-going horses, and PacMan and Zingaro both fit this description. And they’re also both stunningly gorgeous, so that’s always a nice perk!

Thank you to Maya and Ryan for having me at Timberlane Horse Center!

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