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Jenna smiling up at Gazoo on the driveway of Redfield Training
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When Jenna first contacted me about a horse & rider portrait session with her and her horse, Gazoo, at the gorgeous Redfield Training, in Califon, NJ, she mentioned that she had just graduated from Berkeley! I went through the roof. Living out here in NJ I don’t meet many University of California alums, so YAY […]

Jenna & Gazoo | Redfield Training, NJ

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girl in white dress with grey pony
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Every photographer has their muse – whether it’s their child, spouse, or pet – there’s always that certain someone who inspires them and their work. Jenna is my muse – you may see her face in a few places on my site! She’s one of my very best friends – it’s an added bonus that she’s […]

Jenna & Mojito | The Black Fox Farm, Hopewell, NJ

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girl in jeans with bay horse
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Okay how gorgeous are these two? Jenna and Olive became a team last year and they’ve been full steam ahead ever since, schooling cross country, showing in jumpers, enjoying trail rides and lessons together. We had the most gorgeous weather and sunset the evening of our shoot – I couldn’t ask for better models or […]

Jenna & Olive | The Black Fox Farm, Pennington, NJ

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girl with bay horse in the sun
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While Jenna’s face may look familiar (I did a shoot with her and Kodak last summer), Paddy’s is new! Paddy is an off the track thoroughbred who was lucky enough to end up at Green Apple Stables this past year. When he’s not being ridden and pampered by Jenna, he spends time on trails, jumping, and […]

Jenna & Paddy | Green Apple Stables, Hillsborough, NJ

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Zingaro the chestnut horse
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If PacMan looks familiar to you, it’s because he’s been featured on the blog before! He’s the gorgeous bay in the portraits of Maya Nakano, who had a feature in The Equestrians of Color Project AND The Plaid Horse! So, yeah – I guess that kinda makes him famous. Hopefully he won’t let it go […]

Pac Man & Zingaro | Timberlane Horse Center, Titusville, NJ

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bay horse on black background looking over shoulder
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Thoroughbreds – the horses that capture our hearts. From racetracks to eventing trials and even Olympic games, the OTTB (off the track thoroughbred, for any non-horse people who have found themselves here) is one of the most ubiquitous and recognizable horse breeds. Many of my clients own and love an OTTB, and for good reason […]

OTTB | The Many Faces of the Off The Track Thoroughbred

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Carly touching foreheads with Hercules while sitting on the ground
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I am SO EXCITED to announce my 2022 passion project, the Golden Years Project, for horses 30 years of age or older! The Golden Years Project For each of the last two years, I’ve chosen specific topics to explore through photography. The first of these projects, The Senior Horse Project, was hands-down one of the […]

2022 Golden Years Project | For Horses 30+ years old

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girl with grey pony in field
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Did you rescue your horse and give them a second chance at life? If you rescued or purchased your horse from a kill pen/kill buyer, feedlot, or neglectful environment or adopted a horse from a rescue organization that removed your horse from a bad situation, let’s tell your horse’s story. I’m looking for individuals in […]

2021 Second Chances Project | Auction, Feedlot and Rescue Horses

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So the other day, Facebook freaked out and user were unable to view photos/images while using Facebook. Subsequently people freaked out over Facebook freaking out, and then everyone was just panicked, and that’s never a good time. Because think about it – what if Facebook and Instagram freaked out – permanently – and you lost […]

But why do I need to print my portraits? This is why.

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woman with chestnut horse in the snow
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Most people, when faced with a weather that forecasts for snow, run and hide. And generally, I can be counted in that group of people! I’m from CA – I literally didn’t see falling snow until I was 26 YEARS OLD. I realize that’s not normal, but that’s the truth. And now that I’ve lived […]

Maya & Adam | The Black Fox Farm, Pennington, NJ

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