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Kristi riding Kona as the sun sets
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Meet Kristi & Kona, the next gorgeous pair from The Second Chances Project! Kristi’s horse Kona is a beautiful example of a rescue horse finally finding a loving forever home. I photographed Kristi & Kona at the beautiful Cavesson Corners in Manalapan, NJ, where Kona has finally found much-deserved happiness and security. Since this shoot/interview, […]

Kristi & Kona | Cavesson Corners | The Second Chances Project

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Emily and Lola at Pandora Stables
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Get your Kleenex ready. Every time I reread Emily and Lola’s story I tear up. From the slaughter pen to the Dixon Oval at Devon – that’s Lola’s trajectory. Now living her best life at the beautiful Pandora Stables in Perkasie, PA, Lola has been a constant in Emily’s life throughout her teenage and adult […]

Emily & Lola | Pandora Stables | The Second Chances Project

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Liam at Hidden Farm Hunters
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In 2020 I set up a holiday fundraiser to benefit Mane Stream. These limited edition sessions with a holiday twist were so much fun! I packed up my holiday garlands (full of glitter, per the usual) and started hopping around farms all over NJ and PA. Hidden Farm Hunters in beautiful West Chester, PA was […]

Hidden Farm Hunters Holiday Portraits | Hans, Raisin & Liam

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Dianna and Daunus enjoy the sunset at Amy Howard Dressage
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I photographed Dianna & Daunus at Amy Howard Dressage in Ringoes, NJ and the facility is just stunningly gorgeous. I mentioned multiple times that evening that I’d likely eat off their barn floors, because they were just so clean! Forget the 10 second rule! But as I was saying – Amy Howard Dressage is just […]

Amy Howard Dressage | Dianna & Daunus

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Gianna poses with Ziggy at Hay Fever Farm
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If someone asked me to go back and choose one of the most impactful sessions I’ve ever done, Gianna & Ziggy’s shoot at Hay Fever Farm immediately comes to mind. Never mind that Gianna is one majorly bad ass rider – SHE DOES IT WITH ONE HAND. Due to a car accident when she was […]

Gianna & Ziggy | Hay Fever Farm, Robbinsville, NJ

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Mackenzie kissing Eeyore's nose at Weathervane Stables
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Mackenzie & Eeyore are the final pair in The Senior Horse Project. I knew when I started the project that there was always the risk of something happening to one of these senior horses before I was able to publish. Before sharing their story, I do want to disclose that unfortunately, Eeyore passed away in […]

Mackenzie & Eeyore | Weathervane Stables | The Senior Horse Project

black background portraits, equestrian, horse & rider portraits, senior horse project, special projects

Jenna smiling up at Gazoo on the driveway of Redfield Training
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When Jenna first contacted me about a horse & rider portrait session with her and her horse, Gazoo, at the gorgeous Redfield Training, in Califon, NJ, she mentioned that she had just graduated from Berkeley! I went through the roof. Living out here in NJ I don’t meet many University of California alums, so YAY […]

Jenna & Gazoo | Redfield Training, NJ

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bay horse on black background looking over shoulder
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There are friends, and then there are friends. You know, the friends you call midday in the middle of the work week and they talk you off the ledge and then drop everything that they’re doing to come be with you and help you. The ones that are there for you and help you through […]

Lovin’ the Blues “Blue” | Planeta Stables, Ringoes, NJ

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girl in flowered dress with white horse
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There’s a running theme on my blog this summer – gorgeous clients that somehow manage to stay looking gorgeous in horrendous heat. Let’s add Amanda to that list! It was brutally hot and humid the day of her portrait session at Tri-Brook Equestrian Center. As usual I came prepped with my portable fan (I freaking […]

Amanda & Atlas | Tri-Brook Equestrian Center, New Egypt, NJ

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horse on black background
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Bug and his mom Kerstin win the award for “shiniest and most well-prepared for their black background portrait session”. Bug was SPOTLESS. This guy is hysterical – he has such a huge personality and is so dang sweet – it was so much fun making these portraits with him. So while we’re on the topic […]

Bug’s Portraits | Southampton, NJ and Session Prep Tips

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