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Joanne with Brandy at Forest Edge Farm
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Joanne and Brandy are the next pair in The Senior Horse Project. I photographed Joanne with her two mares, Brandy and Splash, at Forest Edge Farm in Little Egg Harbor Township, NJ. While Joanne and Brandy were not originally participants in the project, when Joanne asked to be included, I was so happy to oblige. […]

Joanne & Brandy | Forest Edge Farm | The Senior Horse Project

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Carly touching foreheads with Hercules while sitting on the ground
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I am SO EXCITED to announce my 2022 passion project, the Golden Years Project, for horses 30 years of age or older! The Golden Years Project For each of the last two years, I’ve chosen specific topics to explore through photography. The first of these projects, The Senior Horse Project, was hands-down one of the […]

2022 Golden Years Project | For Horses 30+ years old

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Jenna smiling up at Gazoo on the driveway of Redfield Training
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When Jenna first contacted me about a horse & rider portrait session with her and her horse, Gazoo, at the gorgeous Redfield Training, in Califon, NJ, she mentioned that she had just graduated from Berkeley! I went through the roof. Living out here in NJ I don’t meet many University of California alums, so YAY […]

Jenna & Gazoo | Redfield Training, NJ

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Carly hugging Hercules's face at Winward Equestrian
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Carly and Hercules grew up together – that’s how she describes it. I think it’s a beautiful way to look at their 25 year long relationship. Carly is the trainer at Winward Equestrian, and Hercules is lucky enough to live out his golden years with Carly and her students on a gorgeous farm in Colts […]

Carly & Hercules | Winward Equestrian | The Senior Horse Project

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woman with horse wearing flower garland
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I know I’m only like, a year behind on my blogging (!), but I feel like Ann and Munchkin were worth the wait, don’t you?! Ann was Mrs. New Jersey 2019, and we did these portraits shortly before she competed for the title of Mrs. America 2019. It has been so fun to follow along […]

Mrs. New Jersey 2019 Ann Pennington & Munchkin | Foxbreeze Farm, NJ

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bay horse on black background looking over shoulder
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There are friends, and then there are friends. You know, the friends you call midday in the middle of the work week and they talk you off the ledge and then drop everything that they’re doing to come be with you and help you. The ones that are there for you and help you through […]

Lovin’ the Blues “Blue” | Planeta Stables, Ringoes, NJ

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girl in pink skirt on horse in riding ring at Magnolia Creek Stables
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Have you ever experience love at first sight? Every now and then you hear about it, about someone who fell in love with another being (be it person, horse, dog, etc.) at first sight. They just knew in that first meeting that it was love. That’s how Taylor describes her relationship with Clarissa – she […]

Taylor & Clarissa | Magnolia Creek Stables, Pittstown, NJ

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I just felt the need to share these black background portraits of Mojito today – I think I have a case of the Mondays. And what better way to cheer myself up than to stare at a gorgeous dapple gray Welsh cross pony?! Does it get much better than this? Mojito’s show name is “Second […]

Mojito | The Black Fox Farm, Hopewell, NJ

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girl petting horse in field at Hunters Crossing Farm
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I swear we had like, one weekend of nice fall weather last year. It feels like we went directly from relentless heat and humidity right into a polar vortex. But then back into some wishy washy version of fall with roller coaster temperatures and rain! So much rain! When Jinny’s mom Susan booked Jinny’s portraits […]

Jinny & Carboni | Hunters Crossing Farm, Long Valley, NJ

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girl with white arabian horse
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I made a promise to myself that in 2019, I’d share more of myself and what makes me “me” with all of you. If you know me personally, you’ll know I certainly have no issue being “me” – I strongly believe that someone should never have to hide who they are or change the way […]

A Little More About Me – The One Behind the Camera

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