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When Stacey first told me her horse’s name was Trouble, the next thing she said was “but he’s not!” Far from being any trouble, he was one of the kindest, calmest, most gentlemanly horses I’ve ever worked with. He was definitely far more interested in noshing on the grass around us than anything else, and […]

Stacey & Trouble | Footlight Farm, Roosevelt, NJ

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Morgyn with Niro near the woods of Chesterfield Farm
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Sometimes I get a client that just makes my job SO EASY – Morgyn is one of those clients. Besides the fact that both she and her horse Niro are gorgeous, they were just both so easy going! Niro is boarded at the beautiful Chesterfield Farm with endless options for photos. Thankfully we had Morgyn’s […]

Chesterfield Farm | Morgyn & Niro

equestrian, horse & rider portraits

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