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While 2020 was a bizarre, unsettling, and fine, I’ll say it – “unprecedented” – year, there were certainly a few bright spots, and working on my 2020 passion project, the Senior Horse project, was one of those bright spots. We also had a bit of a late start due to the stay-at-home order and mandatory […]

Passion Projects | The 2020 Senior Horse Project

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woman with horse wearing flower garland
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I know I’m only like, a year behind on my blogging (!), but I feel like Ann and Munchkin were worth the wait, don’t you?! Ann was Mrs. New Jersey 2019, and we did these portraits shortly before she competed for the title of Mrs. America 2019. It’s been so fun to follow along with […]

Mrs. New Jersey 2019 Ann Pennington & Munchkin | Foxbreeze Farm, NJ

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three mares side by side on black background
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Brace yourself for some major girl power. No, like, literally – these 3 mares are incredibly powerful and it’s an added bonus that they’re all drop dead gorgeous! From left to right – Lilly, Cali, and Flicka. Lilly and Flicka were home bred at BDR Legacy Farm in Lambertville, NJ (Lilly is Cali’s baby), but […]

#Mare Crush Monday: Flicka, Lilly, & Cali | BDR Legacy Farm, NJ

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dapple bay mare on black background at Red Tail Farm
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Dapples for dayyyyyys – how gorgeous is Hhemlock? She literally GLOWED. I always love working with dressage horses because they’re so easy to square up for their portrait session! Also the bling – gotta love the bling. Hhemlock’s mom Jennifer purchased this session at Mane Stream’s Boots on the Boardwalk auction to support and benefit […]

Hhemlock | Red Tail Farm, Bedminster, NJ

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little girl in shadbelly with pony
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Cute rider? Check. Cute shadbelly for cute rider? Check. Cute PONIES for cute rider? CHECK!! Get ready for major pony faces. Since I’m a horrible procrastinator and these portraits were taken in summer 2019, not all of these ponies are still being ridden by Lotus, but last summer they were! And they were cute! We […]

Lotus & Her Ponies | BDR Legacy Farm, Lambertville, NJ

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laptop showing online gallery
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When I return home from your portrait session, I CANNOT WAIT to slide that memory card into my card reader and see all of the images. I CANNOT WAIT to upload your images, sort through them, and relive the shoot. And once I’ve culled the images (you know – gotten rid of the one where […]

A Big Change: Inclusive Sessions!

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tacos & margaritas
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Well, um, the last few months have been strange, to say the least. On March 21st, I did my last session – a goodbye/remember session for a beautiful mare named Bianka. It was an emotional way to to end my sessions for the time being – on March 22nd, the stay-at-home order went into effect […]

What I’ve Been Up To…


covid 19 infographic
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Precautions to Keep You Safe When NJ Governor Murphy announced that many recreational facilities, including horseback riding facilities, have reopened (with restrictions) as of Friday, May 22nd, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one that jumped for joy! I know that many of us, myself included, are breathing a huge sigh of relief to […]

Keeping Everyone Safe – The New Normal

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girl in riding clothes with two horses
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If nothing else, the stay-at-home mandate is forcing me to catch up with blogging! The procrastination is real – this session is from last summer. But maybe it’s apt, since we all could use some bright, sunny, warm images at the moment to create some balance in our lives, which have all been turned upside […]

Emma & Her Horses | BDR Legacy Farm, Lambertville, NJ

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woman in snow with senior chestnut Arabian horse
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I am looking for individuals in the NJ/PA/NY area to collaborate with me on a personal project. The only requirements – you must own a senior horse over the age of 25 (although this is a bit flexible depending on the situation) and you must have owned that horse for 5 years or more. And […]

Senior Horse Project

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