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Liam at Hidden Farm Hunters
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In 2020 I set up a holiday fundraiser to benefit Mane Stream. These limited edition sessions with a holiday twist were so much fun! I packed up my holiday garlands (full of glitter, per the usual) and started hopping around farms all over NJ and PA. Hidden Farm Hunters in beautiful West Chester, PA was […]

Hidden Farm Hunters Holiday Portraits | Hans, Raisin & Liam

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Dianna and Daunus enjoy the sunset at Amy Howard Dressage
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I photographed Dianna & Daunus at Amy Howard Dressage in Ringoes, NJ and the facility is just stunningly gorgeous. I mentioned multiple times that evening that I’d likely eat off their barn floors, because they were just so clean! Forget the 10 second rule! But as I was saying – Amy Howard Dressage is just […]

Amy Howard Dressage | Dianna & Daunus

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bay horse on black background looking over shoulder
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Thoroughbreds – the horses that capture our hearts. From racetracks to eventing trials and even Olympic games, the OTTB (off the track thoroughbred, for any non-horse people who have found themselves here) is one of the most ubiquitous and recognizable horse breeds. Many of my clients own and love an OTTB, and for good reason […]

OTTB | The Many Faces of the Off The Track Thoroughbred

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Tiger at Quiet Victory Farm
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I fell in love with Tiger at Quiet Victory Farm in Titusville, NJ a few years ago. This fancy hunter named Ardeon, barn name “Tiger”, has the most in-your-pocket, sweet, outgoing personality! He’s also incredibly talented (with an equally talented mom) – I frequently see updates from his barn on my Facebook feed congratulating him […]

Ardeon “Tiger” | Quiet Victory Farm, Titusville, NJ

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Gianna poses with Ziggy at Hay Fever Farm
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If someone asked me to go back and choose one of the most impactful sessions I’ve ever done, Gianna & Ziggy’s shoot at Hay Fever Farm immediately comes to mind. Never mind that Gianna is one majorly bad ass rider – SHE DOES IT WITH ONE HAND. Due to a car accident when she was […]

Gianna & Ziggy | Hay Fever Farm, Robbinsville, NJ

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Emma with Brightness & Zeus at Bergen Equestrian Center
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If you ever have to sit in the back seat of my car during the holidays, I will apologize in advance. You will be covered in glitter by the time you exit my vehicle! But look at the payoff! How cute is Emma with her pony Zeus and her mom’s mare, Brightness, in their festive […]

Emma, Brightness & Zeus | Bergen Equestrian Center, NJ

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Mackenzie kissing Eeyore's nose at Weathervane Stables
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Mackenzie & Eeyore are the final pair in The Senior Horse Project. I knew when I started the project that there was always the risk of something happening to one of these senior horses before I was able to publish. Before sharing their story, I do want to disclose that unfortunately, Eeyore passed away in […]

Mackenzie & Eeyore | Weathervane Stables | The Senior Horse Project

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Alissa with her Arabian horse Hizzy
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Alissa & Hizzy are the second to last pair from The Senior Horse Project! Alissa and her family own and run Laurel Nobilis Arabians in Newtown, PA, and I was so excited to tour their gorgeous farm and meet their Arabians. As someone who has owned and loved an Arabian, I know it takes a […]

Alissa & Hizzy | Laurel Nobilis Arabians | The Senior Horse Project

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Joanne with Brandy at Forest Edge Farm
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Joanne and Brandy are the next pair in The Senior Horse Project. I photographed Joanne with her two mares, Brandy and Splash, at Forest Edge Farm in Little Egg Harbor Township, NJ. While Joanne and Brandy were not originally participants in the project, when Joanne asked to be included, I was so happy to oblige. […]

Joanne & Brandy | Forest Edge Farm | The Senior Horse Project

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Carly touching foreheads with Hercules while sitting on the ground
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I am SO EXCITED to announce my 2022 passion project, the Golden Years Project, for horses 30 years of age or older! The Golden Years Project For each of the last two years, I’ve chosen specific topics to explore through photography. The first of these projects, The Senior Horse Project, was hands-down one of the […]

2022 Golden Years Project | For Horses 30+ years old

equestrian, Golden Years Project, horse & rider portraits, special projects

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